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Benjamin Beats har hatt 1 låt og foreløpig ingen album inne på VG-lista. Dill dall (feat. Lothepus & Pilgaard) var den første sangen inne på lista i uke 13 2017

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Dill dall (feat. Lothepus & Pilgaard)
7 uker i 2017, beste plassering: 19

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Denne artisten har ingen album på VG-lista.

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Denne artisten har ingen DVD'er på VG-lista.

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The Netherlands have spawned many deejays and producers of great stature in the electronic dance music scene, but Benjamin Bates is remarkable in more than a few ways. With influence ranging from the 'new wave' and alternative rock music from the late 80s, to the house and rave music that quickly emerged later on, Benjamin's music has always had a kind of schizophrenia to it that attracted listeners from all kinds of genres. Since his career as a producer took off by the same time he started deejaying at big venues Read more on

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