Gabriel Rios

Gabriel Rios har hatt 1 låt og foreløpig ingen album inne på VG-lista. Gold var den første sangen inne på lista i uke 39 2014

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25 uker i 2014, 2015, beste plassering:  1

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Denne artisten har ingen album på VG-lista.

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Denne artisten har ingen DVD'er på VG-lista.

Mer om Gabriel Rios

Born in 1978 in Puerto Rico, Gabriel Rios soon chose a path which few from his kin before him did. A blonde angel whispered that he should follow her lead. Young Gabriel kicked his heels and travelled through turbulent clouds, ending up in a city that was not his, but which he embraced. Enter a new-found posse. Being a bunch of young wolves, they started playing music, created a way to communicate their thoughts to the outer world and christened themselves The Nothing Bastards. They toured the country. Read more about Gabriel Rios on

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