Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion har hatt 1 låt og 1 album inne på VG-lista. All Time Low var den første sangen inne på lista i uke 6 2017

Jon Bellion på Topp 40 Låt:

All Time Low
9 uker i 2017, beste plassering: 24

Jon Bellion på Topp 40 Album:

The Human Condition
13 uker i 2017, beste plassering: 31

Jon Bellion på Topp 10 DVD audio:

Denne artisten har ingen DVD'er på VG-lista.

Mer om Jon Bellion

Strictly a producer at age 14, Bellion became increasingly fed up with being asked for generic records. After literally giving singing and rapping "a shot" out of frustration, the now 25 year old Bellion has developed an incredibly unique lane untouched by anyone. His obsession with moving forward and experimentation has driven him to create "solid and refreshing tunes", and in the words of Jon himself "that's all that really matters" Jon's 2010 mixtape "Scattered Thoughts Vol. Read more on

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