Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini har hatt 1 låt og foreløpig ingen album inne på VG-lista. Now And Later var den første sangen inne på lista i uke 4 2017

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Now And Later
7 uker i 2017, beste plassering: 18

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Denne artisten har ingen album på VG-lista.

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Denne artisten har ingen DVD'er på VG-lista.

Mer om Sage The Gemini

Success doesn't come easily for anybody. Since day one, persistence has been the name of the game for Bay Area rapper Sage The Gemini. When he made the decision to rap, nobody would help him. He’d bring rhymes to his peers for beats, and no one jumped at the chance to collaborate. So, he went even harder and he did everything himself. By the age of 14, he had taught himself how to create beats, produce, and even mix and master. He’d become a wholly self-sufficient artist before tenth grade. Read more on

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