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10 uker i 2017, beste plassering:  3
Closer feat. Halsey
27 uker i 2016, 2017, beste plassering:  1
All We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan)
15 uker i 2016, 2017, beste plassering: 10
10 uker i 2014, beste plassering:  3

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The Chainsmokers Wise beyond their years and aggressively handsome, these two overachievers are focused on success… Never before has the world seen two furry browed individuals such as these two (seriously they have really bushy eye brows)… As you might have imagined Alex and Drew did not meet on the set of their Vogue Cover shoot while surrounded by super models, but rather somewhere else. Apart from Social Darwinism, the thing that separates these two men from the rest is their unsettling and uncanny ability to discover and create trends. Read more about The Chainsmokers on Last.fm.

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